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Queer by Choice?

From my Gay Q&A:

Q: Is being gay nature or nurture? I don't like girls, I like boys. To me being born gay is nonsense and ludacris. I chose to be gay and why not? I want you to go to queerbychoice.com and see what you think about it. I don't see why being gay as a choice is wrong and you say that being gay is not a choice. - mp3d, miami fl 9/22/06

Here's the website: www.queerbychoice.com, "a radical gathering place for people who have chosen to be queer."

What do you think???


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well you know what, some people might say that they chose to be gay. i cant say the same because i didn't. when i was real young i knew i had a thing for guys but never thought anything about it, until i reached 13. i was stunned. i prayed to GOD "why did i have to be this way." i struggled with my sexuality until i was comfortable in my skin at age 17. i was comfortable but scared. scared because of the probabilty of me going to hell and being critized for my orientation. i prayed to GOD to show me a sign of if HE's ohay with me being gay, and HE has. with all the hurt and pain i had to go through, if it was a choice, i would not want to be gay. BUT now i love my sexuality and would change it for the world. i realized that GOD made me this way for a reason and i understand that and because of that i feel special and that is why i would not change it.

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