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News release: Changing the World, One Community at a Time - A True GLBT Community

News Release:

One of today’s most reported issues is the impact of the retirement of the baby boomer generation on businesses and individual communities. In recent years, the traditional concept  retirement homes has been transforming into retirement communities for active adults, some resembling small-sized cities offering different amenities targeting a generic baby boomer generation. Like any other group of Americans, this generation is comprised of individuals with different backgrounds, from all walks of life. According to a Met Life study of Lesbian and Gay Baby Boomers, one in five people in the survey say they are unsure of who will take care of them when the need arises. So how do you make a home for the second fifty years “gay friendly” for all gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) adults who are looking to find a community of their own?

RainbowVision Santa Fe (RVSF) is changing the world, one community at a time.  RVSF is meeting the needs of GLBT adults and their straight friends who are looking for security, maintaining their lifestyles, their health, and choose to be part of a community of friends and acceptance. RVSF exemplifies the idea that the GLBT community is changing how they live, by creating their own communities by themselves and for themselves.

RVSF is unique in three key ways:

    • Sense of family – For many GLBTs who did not have children, or do not have supportive families, who will take care of them and their best interests becomes a common issue when searching for the place to call home for the second 50 years. RVSF provides a sense of family where members relate to each other’s shared experiences and celebrate the joy and fun of living in an enriching, exciting environment. 
    • Safety and security – The Baby Boomer GLBT generation had many more challenges than younger GLBT’s, and although gays have not yet won their civil battle, they have come a long way during the Baby Boomer’s lifetime. Tennis legend Billie Jean King is a prime example.  After years of being shunned for being a lesbian,, she is now a spokesperson for RVSF and has been embraced by communities across America as a GLBT role model. At RVSF, members can be who they are, even when they walk outside their home, because they are in a safe, gay-focused environment.
    • Contemporary and Welcoming; Interior architecture in contemporary style, the suites are spacious and feel more like modern high rise lofts.El Centro, which is the main building where Garbo’s fine dining restaurant is located, contains glowing tile walls and leather seating., the top of the line Billie Jean King Fitness Center and a full service spa.  A luxurious environment is experienced throughout the property; from the Capote library, to the assisted living areas, RVSF is nothing short of magnificent.

RVSF not only meets the different needs of the GLBT community, but unlike any other community in the same category, RVSF is owned, operated and occupied by gays and lesbians and their straight friends.

For additional information on RainbowVision Properties or to schedule an interview, please feel free to contact me at 512-495-7172 or at ivette.lopez@fleishman.com.


RainbowVision Properties is the nation's preeminent developer of communities for 50+ gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people and their straight friends.  As LGBT individuals and families enjoy the second 50 years of their lives, having a welcoming, safe and comfortable place to call home is increasingly important.  RainbowVision communities combine the comfort of a home with all the benefits of a luxury resort ensuring members have the best of both worlds. Each property includes a Billie Jean King Fitness Center and Spa and a combination of condominiums and assisted living or home healthcare residences.  RainbowVision Santa Fe, the company's first community, officially opened in June 2006.  In 2007, the company will break ground on their second development, in Palm Springs, California. 


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