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Police Investigate Haggard's Gay Whistleblower

Haggardted3_2_5From 365Gay.com Newscenter:

(Denver, Colorado) Denver police want to talk to the former gay escort who blew the whistle on evangelist Ted Haggard, left.

Haggard, a leader in the evangelical movement and pastor of 14,000 member New Life Church he built in Colorado Springs, was at the forefront of the effort to amend the Colorado constitution to ban same-sex marriage.

An outspoken critic of homosexuality he was outed by former hustler Mike Jones in the days leading up to the amendment vote.  Haggard was subsequently fired by the church and forced to resign as president of the National Association of Evangelicals, a position which had given him unbridled access to the White House.

The story broke when Jones brought tapes of conversations with Haggard to Denver TV station KUSA.  Jones told the station that he had a long term pay for ex relationship with Haggard and had helped the pastor buy crystal meth.

Jones denied selling the drug but said he put Haggard in touch with someone who would.

Denver police immediately began an investigation into Haggard's drug use.  Now that investigation has spread to Jones.

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