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People interview: Jennifer Aniston on her lesbian "lip-lock" with Courteney Cox

Jennifer_anistonBY JULIE JORDAN, People.com

Jennifer Aniston has never much cared for tabloids – where, as she puts it, "people are ruthless and cut-throat and will stop at nothing." But she had a blast visiting that world for TV. In an exclusive interview, Aniston, 38, talked to PEOPLE about her guest role as a magazine editor on Courteney Cox's Dirt, the show's much fussed-over kissing scene (Aniston's character is gay) – and those real-life tab reports of plastic surgery:

You guest-star on the season finale of Dirt as a lesbian. What was it like working with Courteney again?
We had a ball. It was completely fun. I forgot just how much fun we have together in the work world.

So what about that kiss between you and Courteney? It was touted as a passionate lip-lock.
It's a good-bye kiss. I don't honestly think people want to see Rachel and Monica have at it.

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Jennifer Aniston photo by Lisa O'Connor / ZUMA


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