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Wyoming panel passes bill on gay marriage

Associated Press

CHEYENNE -- Wyoming would have the authority to void other states' gay marriages if a bill that narrowly passed a Senate committee Friday is approved by the entire Legislature.

Massachusetts is the only state that currently grants marriage licenses to same-sex couples; others permit civil unions, but the proposed law only pertains to gay marriages.

Wyoming already has a law in place that mandates marriages conducted in the state must be between a man and woman.

"The bill simply says we would not have to honor same-sex marriages in Wyoming that were authorized in some other state," said the bill's sponsor, Sen. Gerald E. Geis, R-Worland. The bill passed the Judiciary Committee 3-2, with the committee's three Republicans voting in favor and the two Democrats opposed.

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Hi Steve.

Interesting to know what the state of Wyoming (rather, it's state legislators) believe they can and cannot do.

I thought the Consitution of the United States (e.g., "Supreme of Law of the Land") had something called the "full faith and credit" provision). How come nobody has posted on this. Certainly there must be some Gay lawyers/gay legislators out there

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