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Johnny Diaz reads from "Boston Boys Club" at Books & Books

Here are pictures I took at Thursday night's book reading:






Johnny's parents, Juan and Milagros Diaz


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He is an inspiration to our community...and great man...
Dra. Isabel

I have known J.Diaz for a long time and have seen his growth not only as a young man to a man with a fantastic way of expressing himself.
I am very proud of him.
Dra. ISabel

Hola Johnny.
I just purchased your book this afternoon, at Boooks and Books. I read the article in El Nuevo Herald and just had to have it. Just this minute I read about how your parents went and how proud they are, can't blamed them I would be also.
It is really sweet how concerned you are about their feelings, I went through that also, many years ago. Originally from Cuba have been in Miami many years and in a relationship for 31 years almost 32, on July 5th, & no commercial interruptions.
God Bless!!!!!!
PS: Im back to reading your book

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