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Florida Red & Blue: Defeat marriage amendment

News release from Florida Red & Blue:

Florida Red & Blue is fighting to defeat the bogus "Marriage Protection" amendment to the Florida Constitution with leadership from around the state. From young couples with children to our seniors who wish to protect their government benefits, these amendments take away the rights of hundreds of thousands of Floridians. Our opposition, having tried once before in 2006, is only 21,000 petitions short of their goal.

Florida Red & Blue is a non-partisan, independent campaign formed by an unprecedented coalition of leadership from around Florida - Republicans, Democrats, Independents, business leaders, religious leaders, elected officials, and organization directors. Florida Red & Blue will be an independent, transparent, research-driven campaign run by experienced professionals that will disband after the election. Our ONLY goal is to DEFEAT this amendment.

The proposed amendment states, "Inasmuch as marriage is the legal union of only one man and one woman as husband and wife, no other legal union that is treated as marriage or the substantial equivalent thereof shall be valid or recognized." This amendment is unnecessary (state & federal laws already exist) and the underlined portion opens this amendment to a wide-range of pre-existing rights and benefits held by hundreds of thousands of Floridians.

We CAN and WILL defeat this amendment with YOUR SUPPORT. Arizona defeated a similar amendment 52%-48% in 2006 and now all amendments require 60% to pass in Florida. This is a critical issue in a critical time in our state's history. HELP US defeat this amendment.

As we close in on the financial deadline of June 30th, we are writing to ask YOU for YOUR SUPPORT as we show to our opposition that this amendment will not be passed without a fight. This is your chance to stand up against mean-spirited amendments that will take away the rights of hundreds of thousands of Floridians including young couples and our seniors. This is your chance to scare away others who would make these amendments in other states.

We only have 3 DAYS until June 30th and we need your support TODAY.


Red & Blue Blog

The Cortada Project

Xaviercortadapics_0Well-known and accomplished artist Xavier Cortada is creating a custom work to recognize and commemorate the first 1,000 people who oppose the "marriage protection" amendment.

If you're one of first 1,000 people who make a contribution to Florida Red & Blue, Xavier will add your name to an original work of art to commemorate your gift.

Go online NOW at:  http://www.floridaredandblue.com/contribute
and give a donation - however large or small.

As an added BONUS, every pledge before June 30th will be counted towards THE CORTADA PROJECT for Florida Red & Blue which is explained below.

Florida Red & Blue is leading the fights against this amendment - but we need your support. PLEASE JOIN US!

Thank you!

Florida Red & Blue


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That's why I'm running for State Senate in 2008 to be announced shortly. Stay tuned. Also, that is why I will promote a campaign that not only expresses my views on Free Speech (without gagging local politicians with an unconstitutional "Ethics" agreement as to their banners, signs and statements excluding their moral and religious views in the southern counties of this Great State of Florida --- But, look out for "Don't Vote for Lawyers - Save Our Constitution" banners that need to be seen in my campaign. Remember Patrick Henry 1776 and the statements that he made for free speech and the freedoms that we enjoy - without permission from the liberal agenda.


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