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GLCC demolishes buildings at future site in Fort Lauderdale

News release:

The Gay and Lesbian Community Center of South Florida (GLCC) Board of Directors proudly announces the June 20 demolition of several buildings on the East side of Andrews Avenue, the future site of the new GLCC facility. “The timing of this demolition, days before our local Gay Pride Celebration and the Stonewall Street Festival, could not have been better,” reports Paul Hyman, Executive Director of the GLCC. “This demolition marks a critical and exciting step for Broward County and the whole of South Florida, clearing the path for us to demonstrate the huge role and influence of the local GLBT population with an appropriately visible and beautiful new facility.”

Hyman has been quietly recruiting individuals, and building teams of local community leaders and specialists in areas ranging from architecture to legal affairs, to fund-raising and marketing, in preparation for the new growth phase for the organization. He went on to say, “Our investment of time and emphasis on planning these first steps were critical and extremely successful. Now, with a solid base of resources in place, we are moving forward strategically to continue to deliver the critical programs and services we provide to those in need in our community. We will not lose focus on the people we serve on a daily basis while we create our new home.”

One of the new resources is the Building Committee, which Hyman recommended to the board.  Its sole focus is to oversee the building of the new facility. The committee reports to the GLCC Board of Directors.  “The Building Committee’s expertise ranges from local financial planning and real estate professionals, to legal counsel, architects and space planners, all working together to oversee details,” reports Jerry Algozer, President of the GLCC Board of Directors. He continued, “We are extremely fortunate to have a wealth of expertise and passion serving on the Building Committee to protect our interests and provide strategic recommendations to the Board.”   Tyler Healis, Chairman of the Building Committee, adds “The Committee is charged with assuring that the needs of the community are met in the new building. We are also focused on the details of our relationship and contract with Tarragon Corporation, the developer, whom purchased the existing GLCC building.”

Central to the GLCC’s analysis and decision-making is the option of completing its building project with modified or reduced involvement from Tarragon Corporation.  States Jerry Algozer, GLCC Board, President,  “We are engaging Tarragon in some amicable and preliminary conversations which may lead to the GLCC proceeding more independently with the new building project.  Were we to do so, we would take clear title to the new site now, along with a financial disbursement from Tarragon, as provided for in our contract.  We continue to have positive communications and cooperation with Tarragon as we generate plans to proceed with the new facility.”

To support the Building Committee and further protect the community and Center’s interests, Hyman has also strengthened the GLCC’s existing legal expertise by retaining the services of Warren Kozlow, Esq.  “Warren is instrumental in analyzing and overseeing the legal aspects of our continuing meetings and dialogue with Tarragon Corporation as well as safeguarding our financial position.” says Hyman.

The new facility is currently planned to consist of 18,000 square feet on three floors. It will provide accommodations in its meeting rooms for over 50 different community groups currently utilizing the existing space each month ranging from HIV and AIDS support groups, and neighborhood associations, to more social and cultural organizations such as 12-Step groups, SAGE, and a women’s rap group.  The facility also provides room for expansion to meet future needs.  The site is located on the East side of Andrews Avenue, directly across from the current site on some of the most desirable and centrally located real estate allowing people to watch the  progress moving forward.

Darcy Beeman, the Vice President of the Board, speaks to the enthusiasm and teamwork at the GLCC. “We have some incredible individuals in our local GLBT community who have stepped forward and are providing expertise, financial support and passion to make sure we set new standards and exceed expectations in a way that will make the community very proud,” she commented.

A Marketing and Public Relations Committee has been created “to shift these critical responsibilities from GLCC staff to allow them to focus more directly on improving the lives of those in need, as well as reaching out and communicating with our donor community,” says Hyman.    Rick Gibson, who serves on the GLCC Board and Chairs the Marketing and PR Committee, shares “The central location of the new building and the incredible range of programs and services of the GLCC are a tremendous basis from which to grow an already remarkable organization.  This new facility will provide our GLBT community a meeting place and resource it deserves, visitors a source for information, and all of us a local venue to meet and celebrate our uniquely diverse culture”.

The GLCC is a non-profit organization, providing information, education, advocacy, support, human services, cultural experiences, and social opportunities to foster personal development and quality of life for the entire community.   For more information about the GLCC’s plans or to learn ways individuals or businesses can provide support, please contact Robert Boo, Director of Development at the GLCC at 954-463-9005 or rboo@glccsf.com.


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