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Florida4Marriage: "We are almost there"

Sent to us by Gary Fineout of The Miami Herald's Tallahassee bureau. (Also read The Herald's Naked Politics blog):


"We are within striking distance of completing
the petition goal, but not quite there yet."

Dear Florida4Marriage.org Supporter:

I want to thank so many of you who have worked hard and or supported the Florida Marriage Protection Amendment petition collection process.  This summer we have received thousands upon thousands of new petitions into our headquarters.   While we do not have an exact count, we believe we are well within striking distance of completing the petition goal but not quite there yet.  The exact goal is 611,009 valid petitions but we will need several tens of thousands in excess of that number to be official.  We are not yet finished untill it is official in Tallahassee.

Because of the passage of time, we will likely have a higher than usual number of petitions that may be invalid so we will not be sure until the final number is posted with the State Division of Elections.  All 67 County Supervisors of Elections in Florida are now in the process of validating the petitions we have sent them.  Even after the validation process, we still may need more petitions in the various congressional districts which is an additional legal requirement. 

So if you were planning on doing one last drive in your church or community, or if you have any more petitions to submit please mail them all into us now but no later than September 1, 2007.

We will keep you updated with the progress of this historical effort as it develops.  Thanks again for supporting the most basic institution to any society, natural marriage.

John Stemberger


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