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Gay men decide: Jake Gyllenhaal tops AfterElton.com Hot 100 List

From AfterElton.com:

1. Jake Gyllenhaal

It might seem like we only love him for playing a gay rancher in Brokeback Mountain, but really, we love Jake Gyllenhaal for being our favorite boy next door. Born and raised in L.A., Jake grew up around the business; his father was a director and his mother was a screenwriter. Not only is he sexy, but, before moving to Hollywood, Jake was saving lives as a lifeguard. Bet you didn’t know he’s sweet, too? (He gave ex girlfriend Kirsten Dunst a lovely little kitten for her birthday on year. Altogether: "Aaawww....") Jake is a matinee idol with legit acting chops (he was nominated for an Oscar for Brokeback) and a genuine respect for his gay fans; not only did he make a surprise appearance at this year's GLAAD Awards, but he also dedicated a rousing (and impressive) performance of Dreamgirls' showstopper to his gay fans — in drag — on Saturday Night Live.

To find out who else is on the list, click here.


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