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Mexico allows gay prisoners conjugal visits

From BBC:

The prison system in Mexico City has begun permitting gay prisoners to have conjugal visits from their partners.

The city authorities accepted a recommendation by a human rights commission which said the visits would help to end discrimination.

The decision follows a complaint by a man who said he had been refused permission to visit his partner in jail on the grounds they were homosexual.

A 2003 Mexican law bans discrimination based on sexual preference.

"The Mexico City department of prisons and rehabilitation has allowed the first conjugal visit to an inmate with a sexual orientation other than heterosexual," the city's human rights commission (CDHDF) said.

It was, the commission said, " an important step in terms of non-discrimination regarding sexual preference".

Prisoners are allowed conjugal visits in many Mexican jails, and most do not require the visitor to be married to the inmate.

Mexico City's centre-left government has taken a series of controversial decisions, including allowing same-sex civil unions and legalising abortion


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