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Steve Rothaus' "public sex" story on Queerty

From Queerty:

Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jim Naugle may want to do his homework. The Fort Lauderdale mayor made waves when he suggested installing $250,000 for so-called robo-toilets, which allow occupants a limited amount of time before popping open and giving the world a show. Why would Naugle make such an outrageous request? Because his queer constituents simply can’t stop fucking in the bathroom. Or so he says - he also refuses to use the word gay, because “homosexuals” aren’t “happy”. Needless to say, the homos weren’t “happy” about Naugle’s claims and launched a campaign to unseat the sex-obsessed politico.

Journo Steve Rothaus, meanwhile, has taken his protest to the papers and reveals Naugle’s greatest fear: he’s wrong.

The way Naugle sees it, every toilet in Fort Lauderdale’s overflowing with homo-sex. According to Rothaus, who interviewed local coppers, public sex remains a negligible “problem”: South Florida law enforcement agencies say they receive occasional complaints and make a few arrests, but they don’t spend much time cracking down on it.

To read the rest, click here.


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