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Video: Mayor Jim Naugle Under Attack by Homosexual Activists

From Active Christian Media:


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I'm proud of Mayor Naugle for his courage. Many politcal liberals and many homosexuals need to remember the difference between those who hate homosexuals and those who can't condone sodomy. Today, when many seem not to know the difference between tolerance and indifference, Mayor Naugle deserves our praise because he refuses to tolerate intolerable behavior.

My handicap puts me into a minority group full of bitter people who take offense when able-bodied people offer to help them. They ought to be grateful for the kindness shown them. Instead, they insult their helpers.

Sadly, today, many people act as though they believe that the worst thing that anyone can do is to hurt someone else's feelings. In American society where there's too much subjectivism, we need to remember that we can choose the way we'll react to what others do.

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