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Family Research Council: Iowa Ruling for Same-sex 'Marriage' Proves Judicial Activism is Alive and Well

News release:

Washington, D.C. - Today, Family Research Council President Tony Perkins condemned yesterday's decision by Iowa District Court Judge Robert B. Hanson, which declared it unconstitutional to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman. FRC urged an immediate stay of the ruling and a vigorous appeal, while also calling upon the Iowa Legislature to immediately begin action to add the definition of marriage to the state's constitution.

"This decision demonstrates that judicial activism is still a problem," says FRC President Tony Perkins. "For a judge to have 'nullified, severed, and stricken' from the law the definition of marriage inherent in both tradition and statute is an outrageous act of judicial activism. I urge Iowans to pass a constitutional amendment protecting marriage, joining the majority of states that have already defined marriage as the union of one man and one woman in their state constitutions. That's the only sure way to protect the institution of marriage from radical social engineering by state judges."

Perkins noted that the judge's list of 120 "Material Facts as to Which There is No Genuine Issue" was not factual, but a wholesale acceptance of the biases of the plaintiffs.

"Judge Hanson failed to recognize that the issue is not access to marriage, which is open to all, subject to restrictions that apply to all. Instead, the issue is the very definition of the word 'marriage'- which a judge has no right to change."

"With the Iowa caucuses quickly approaching, the presidential candidates should explain to voters what actions they would take to protect marriage from aberrant judges. Judge Hanson threw out the state's Defense of Marriage Act law which should serve as a warning to any candidate who may think the federal DOMA is sufficient. Only state constitutional amendments and ultimately a federal Constitutional amendment will ensure that marriage is fully protected," concluded Perkins.


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