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Gay and Lesbian Task Force: Censure Naugle

BY STEVE ROTHAUS, srothaus@miamiherald.com

NaugleThe National Gay and Lesbian Task Force has asked the Fort Lauderdale Commission to formally censure Mayor Jim Naugle for his comments about gay men and public sex.

''Since a coalition of 17 state and national [lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender] rights organizations first made a similar request in letters sent to the City Commission of Fort Lauderdale and the Broward County Commission on Aug. 2, the mayor's offensive actions have only escalated. Just last week, for example, he joined with conservative clergy at a press conference to denounce sex between men as physically and morally risky,'' wrote Task Force Executive Director Matt Foreman to Vice Mayor Carlton B. Moore and commissioners Cindi Hutchinson, Charlotte E. Rodstrom and Christine Teel.

''This is the latest in Mayor Naugle's growing string of assaults on LGBT people -- and he shows no signs of letting up,'' Foreman wrote. ``The mayor apparently enjoys playing the provocateur. He refuses to let it die, as it should.''

Local gay activists will ask at Tuesday's City Commission meeting that Naugle be reprimanded.

''I would love a censure, but a resolution would be more realistic and just as strong,'' said Waymon Hudson, president and co-founder of Fight OUT Loud.

The mayor expects the commission will agree to the gay activists' request.

'Now the commission is faced with `do they risk disappointing me or risk the temper tantrums of the radical homosexual community,' '' Naugle said Thursday. ``They probably will not want to take that risk. I've never retaliated. Jim is just Jim. Knowing that my reaction will be a shrug -- or being bombarded daily [by angry gay activists] -- they'd rather risk a shrug than being bombarded daily.''


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I feel that these coalitions should relax, yes a public figure disagrees with you. I do not hear any one calling for the censorship of public figures that support the homosexual lifestyle. It is bias. How about we hear from both sides.

freedom of speech hurts when it's on the other foot.

The "gay choice lifestyle" C R E A T E S and S P R E A D S DISEASES.

The mayor is acting on behalf of all those who don't want those DISEASES spread to others. The Mayor is acting on behalf of all those who don't want their chidren witnessing these despicable acts in public.

Let's not forget, the right way is a married couple raising a family of 4, not, two promiscious people having random sex with random partners.

Stick to your guns Mayor! You are doing the right thing 1000%.

Anal Cancer, Typhoid Fever, Aids... All created and spread by our friends in the gay choice lifestyle.

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