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Newsweek: The Secret World of Online Cruising

Newsweek has an interview with Keith Griffiths, founder of the website cruisingforsex.com. Some highlights:

But, whatever your orientation, is engaging in sexual activity in public okay?
Most cruisers don’t want to engage in sex in public. They want to meet someone in a public space and then try to be discreet—maybe in a stall or a cubicle or maybe behind a bush. The most important thing to note about Senator Craig is that there was no sex involved. I keep waiting for the news media to grab on to the fact that this man has been arrested for tapping his foot. When did that become a crime? If this guy had the balls he should have had, he would have fought this thing. Any good lawyer would have told him he had a strong case.

So the media is missing the main point here?
They’re certainly missing the point that this man didn’t appear to commit a crime. That’s pretty relevant. Everyone has their own reasons for wanting him out of office. Maybe. I don’t like his politics. But I don’t think he should be humiliated or run out of Washington, because he didn’t break the law.

Do you have any idea what percentage of the men who use your site are openly gay, as opposed to being closeted or even married?

We did some research years ago and found that [something] like 60 percent of our men identify as gay and the others are either straight or bisexual. I have no idea whether they’re out of the closet or not. Having said that, I don’t buy the party line that you’ve probably already been told by gay leaders that these are all deeply closeted, usually married men. Some of them are, no doubt about it. But some of them are very proud out gay guys.


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I came across a survey a few weeks ago on gays, and 75% of them were happy with their relationship. Compare this to 48% of lesbians who are comfortable with their relationship and society.

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