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Fred Thompson quizzed on civil unions


ThompsonRepublican presidential hopeful Fred Thompson told New Hampshire voters Monday that efforts in some states to recognize same-sex marriage are a "judge-made controversy."

Civil unions will become legal in New Hampshire on Jan. 1, allowing gays to apply for the same rights as married people. Same-sex unions from other states also will be recognized in New Hampshire if they were legal in the state where they were performed.

Questioned about civil unions after a speech at a dental benefits company, Thompson said, "I would not be in support of that."

But when he elaborated, he switched from civil unions, which give gays legal rights equivalent to those of married couples, to same-sex marriages, which are legal only in neighboring Massachusetts.

"Basically so far, it is a judge-made controversy," Thompson said. "No state or governor has signed off on such legislation on the state level that has endorsed marriage between the same sexes. There may have been a couple of courts that said the Constitution of their states has required that, so it's a judicially made situation as far as I am concerned."

Massachusetts' highest court ruled in 2003 that same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marry. But high courts in several other states have refused to follow suit, including Maryland last month. Cases are pending in Connecticut and California.

Edward Paul, an employee of the Delta Dental Plans Association, asked the question Monday, but had trouble being understood.

"I'm proud to say that in January 2008 New Hampshire has passed a law facilitating civil unions here. ... What is your belief for federal civil unions to be passed?" Paul asked.

"Soviet Union?" Thompson responded.

"No, civil unions," Paul said.

"Oh. No, I would not be in support of that," Thompson said.

Paul said he wasn't surprised, or impressed.

"I think he needs to do more homework on whatever state he's in and I don't think he did on that question," said Paul. He said he is a registered independent who plans to vote in the Democratic presidential primary.

Thompson's campaign has said the candidate would let states decide whether to sanction civil unions. He has supported federal action to protect states from having to recognize gay marriages performed in other states. As a Tennessee senator, he voted against legislation to prohibit job discrimination based on sexual orientation.

On Monday, Thompson also filed the paperwork to get on the ballot for the GOP primary in New Hampshire.

Jim Cole / AP Photo
Republican presidential hopeful, former Sen., Fred Thompson, R-Tenn., accompanied by his wife Jeri Kehn, second from left, smiles after filing his declaration of candidacy papers to have his name on the ballot for the New Hampshire presidential primary at the State house in Concord, N.H., Monday, Oct. 29, 2007.


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It would be wise for Edward Paul to consider why he thinks a Presidential candidate should flip-flop on issues to suit his deviance merely because New Hampshire has a few more tooth-suckers in the state who haven't pretended to learn history as it pertains to homosexuality.

He must be thinking of Willard Romney.

BTW, Judicial activism is a form of treason, look it up.

Winghunter, why are you so obsessed with something that doesn't hurt you? Are you feeling guilty over bathroom trysts you've had?

I have to laugh at the comment made by Winghunter. New Hampshire is sick and tired of the negative, hypocritical Republican party.

What they don't understand is that "freedom" pertains to ALL US citizens regardless of sexual preference. A large number of our Military are homosexual and fighting for FREEDOM for another country, when they can't be "free" themselves.

So to all of you "Senator Craigs" that represent the Republican party doing your secret little lives and voting against homosexual rights, NH will make the decision for you in the upcoming presidential election!

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