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Fight OUT Loud has 5,000 e-mail members, launches website

News release:

Gay Community Flocks to New Online Resource to Fight Discrimination

After Anti-Gay Incident at Florida Airport Couple Launches www.FightOutLoud.org

FORT LAUDERDALE - After doing an online launch less than four month ago, www.FightOutLoud.org already has over 5000 members on its free “Action Email Alert List”, which sends out a call to action to the community and its supporters when more pressure is needed to resolve an issue.  Fight OUT Loud has already been involved in numerous cases across the country, including the recent incident of two 14-year-old lesbians who were kicked off the bus and called “sickos” by the driver for kissing in Portland , OR .  Fight OUT Loud also took the lead in the recent campaign against Mayor Jim Naugle of Fort Lauderdale after he made anti-gay comments during several interviews.  Fight OUT Loud was instrumental in removing the mayor from his post on the Tourism Development Council, as well as getting a resolution condemning him passed by the City Commission of Fort Lauderdale and other surrounding communities.

Waymon20hudson20and20anthony20niedwWaymon Hudson and Anthony Niedwiecki of Fort Lauderdale, pictured, Florida launched Fight OUT Loud in response to a disturbing anti-gay incident at the Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport.  The couple was traveling May 1st, 2007 from Chicago to Fort Lauderdale when they heard, “A man that lies with a man as with a woman should be put to death” played twice over the public address system in baggage claim.  After reporting the incident, and getting a tepid response, they were forced to push the issue on their own to get a resolution.  The person was eventually caught and fired, but due to the intense media coverage, the couple faced severe anti-gay backlash.  They received hate-mail, notes left on their cars calling them fags, and were even approached and spit on in their local grocery store.

Having gone through such an eye-opening experience, and finding that there were really very few resources available to LGBT individuals who needed immediate help in situations of discrimination and hate, the couple decided to fight back.  They launched Fight OUT Loud, a national non-profit organization dedicated to helping LGBT individuals and their allies fight discrimination and hate.  Fight OUT Loud is also recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) Public Charity.

The mission of Fight OUT Loud is to provide immediate resources, support, education, and assistance for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender individuals who are faced with discrimination and hate.  Fight OUT Loud works to get satisfactory resolutions by guiding individuals through the maze of obstacles that can come from speaking out publicly on GLBT issues.  Fight OUT Loud also assists the GLBT community and its allies by mobilizing them against discrimination and hate crimes through its Action Alert Team.  Fight OUT Loud is a resource for the entire community that seeks to raise awareness and educate the public about the still present discrimination and hatred focused on the GLBT community.   They also provide training to the GLBT community and its allies on how to become strong leaders and advocates in their own communities.

Fight OUT Loud continues to grow very quickly and take on cases for the GLBT community using their unique mix of grassroots activism and modern technology.

Fight OUT Loud is a national non-profit organization dedicated to helping GLBT individuals and their allies fight discrimination and hate.



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The truth is no one is born homosexual/ bisexual nor should they think they are. The conscience tells us what we are doing is right or wrong. We never are born homosexual/ bisexual without the steps that led to the choice. It is a choice to be a homosexual/ bisexual and there are numerous amounts of steps to get to that point. These choices in turn become ideas and ideas to values. This is truly a valued habit that was learned. A person needs to be valued and respected so turning and defending what one knows is what amounts to the choices of sexual preferences and any other areas where decisions are necessary. One always as a choice, so choosing them is crucial.

Anonymous...don't be ridiculous. I suppose we choose to be heterosexual as well? Nonsense. You can pretend to be straight...god knows enough closet queens do...but if you're gay you're gay. And the only choice you have after that is whether to be a happy one or not.
Good for Waymon and Anthony for standing up for their rights. Well done guys!!

"One always as a choice, so choosing them is crucial." ////confused look, then arches brow//// Would someone please explain what the hell Mr.or Mrs. Anonymous was trying to say?

Whatever, Waymon & Anthony keep up the good work!


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BTW, here's a recent article of interest:


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