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Primary Day: SAVE workers fight proposed marriage amendment

SAVE, Miami-Dade's leading gay-rights group, spent Primary Day recruiting volunteers to fight a state amendment that would ban gay marriage in Florida.

I took these pictures of SAVE workers Becca Ahuja (of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force in New York) and Morningside resident Bill Jurberg outside the polling place Tuesday at Morningside Park in Miami.


Becca Ahuja, right, speaks with voter Miguel Perez of Morningside.


SAVE workers Becca Ahuja and Morningside resident Bill Jurberg.


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Great pictures and good work happening around the polls today in Florida!

We are glad to have National Gay and lesbian Task Force Organizing and Training staff working shoulder to shoulder with SAVE fighting the proposed marriage amendment. Lets get out the vote and stop proposed homophobic legislation!

As the Co-Chair of the Grassroots Action Committee, a team of volunteers developing the Field Plan for SAVE, I was reminded of the power of each individual as citizens when they decide to fight for a cause that they believe in. Bill and Becca are true inspirations, as were all of the almost 100 volunteers SAVE had out working the polls. It excites me to be part of SAVE and this community!

As a transgender woman I stand behind Matt Foreman and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.
Keep up the great work!

Although we achieved victory in Massachusetts with same-sex marriage, (thanks to our elected educated and level-headed legislators), there are still "hate" groups among the state working to destroy the equality levels that we now occupy and cherish. What is devastating as well is how the groups try to connect extreme theological views with discriminatory rationalization. Thankfully, my God is a loving God and looks at love without regard to race, age, or sexual preference. Many of those most vocal against same-sex marriage are petrified of their own unsettled sexual identity and feelings. It is certainly a challenge in both time and energy to "educate" our opponents. How sad that so much negative energy is used to destroy when efforts are sorely needed to improve standards of living for many in healthcare, social security reform, the elderly, crime, education, global warming etc. It certainly becomes a dangerous proposition to start throwing in amendments for any special interest groups, especially to instill discrimination and hatred to that which is clearly the opposite intent to which the original Constitution was designed. Best wishes to SAVE and those who join us in securing equal rights for EVERYONE, that which our Constitution clearly defends and provides.

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