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Miami Gay Men's Chorus presents 'By the Sword' June concert at Colony Theater

June 2008 Concert Information Image

Our Tribute to those who keep our freedoms safe

From Anthony Cabrera, Artistic Director:

After five years, we continue to be in the midst of a major conflict half way around the world. Regardless of personal views as to whether our country is in it for the right reasons or not, it is impossible to ignore that there continue to be large numbers of American men and women leaving their homes and families, risking their lives to serve this country on this particular mission.

It is our intent to pay tribute to these brave men and women through song. We will perform music that addresses the Civil War, Anthony HeadshotWorld War I and World War II in the first act of the program. The second act pays tribute to the military personnel of Vietnam, Desert Storm and the current conflict in Iraq. We have taken songs from the Broadway stage, radio and the repertoire of American military music to piece together a program that, we believe, will provide an evening of high quality, entertaining performances that, in one way or another, say thank you to those who serve this country in battle.

More specifically, the concert will, in part, address the involvement of numerous men and women of the GLBT community that have fought in every war this country has ever engaged in. According to a recent article in Details Magazine, there are currently more than 65,000 gays and lesbians serving in the armed forces. They not only fight and serve with the fear of being killed or injured but with the fear of being "discovered."

We see it as a personal responsibility to point out their courageous involvement and say thank you. Included in the program are the readings of letters of love, friendship and loyalty between military personnel which date back to the 1860's; letters that not only reflect romantic and spiritual love, but a love for the country which they diligently served.

Regardless of our personal, political, social or moral views, we cannot fail to recognize that these hundreds of thousands of people selflessly serve so that those of us who stay home can feel safe. We hope that our audiences go home with a renewed sense of pride in these individuals. And that, upon returning, our service men and women are received with the homecomings due to them.

Tickets go on sale May 1st!

Every seat is a reserved seat - buy now for best choices

When you use our online ticket option you choose your own seats in your own price range. You will see the seats and their exact location in the Colony Theatre. Don't delay or you will miss this chance to get the seats that you and your friends and family want.

We take pride that our concerts are suitable for everyone from children to their grandparents. It will be Father's Day Weekend so what better way to say thanks to Dad or Grandad, especially if he served in the military. And we thank the Moms and Grandmoms who served this country as well !

June 13
8 p.m. Friday
Premium - $30
Regular - $25

June 14
8 p.m. Saturday
Premium - $30
Regular - $25

June 15
3 p.m. Sunday Matinee
Premium - $20
Regular - $15

Senior and Student discounts available


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