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SAVE to honor founders at Wednesday, May 7, reception & silent auction

News release:

15th Anniversary Celebration

2008 Awards Reception & Silent Auction

Wednesday, May 7, 2008
ICON Brickell
501 Brickell Avenue
(305) 371-1411

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Please join us in celebration of SAVE's 15th Anniversary and to honor The City of North Miami Mayor and Commissioners who have been leaders in diversity and sensitivity in the workplace. The City of North Miami has provided domestic partner benefits to all city employees regardless of gender and sexual orientation, unanimously adopted a procurement ordinance requiring contractors wishing to do business with the City to provide equal health benefits to domestic partners in their companies. Their actions exemplify outstanding leadership and have established the City of North Miami in the forefront as a champion of equality.

Kevin Burns, Mayor
Mike Blynn, Commissioner
Jacques Despinosse, Commissioner
Scott Galvin, Commissioner
Marie Steril, Commissioner

The mission of SAVE is to advocate for
the equal rights for persons of all sexual
orientations and gender identities.

Established 1993


Fifteen years ago the founders of SAVE set forth on a remarkable journey to establish SAVE. The legacy of these individuals will be honored:

Claralina Almenteros
Jorge Mursuli
Fran Bohnsack, Co-Chair
Damian Pardo, Co-Chair
Juan Carlos Espinosa
Heidi Pred
Richard Gonzalez
Clark Reynolds
Joyce Harrington
Joan Schaeffer
Lorenzo Lebrija
Steve Shafor
Ignacio Martinez-Ybor
Yvette Torres

Honorary Host Committee
Commissioner Bruno A. Barreiro
Former Mayor Raul Martinez
Mayor Manny Diaz
Jeff Morr
Commissioner Audrey Edmonson
Peter W. Roulhac
Mayor Horace G. Feliu
Commissioner Marc David Sarnoff
Commissioner Carlos Gimenez
Ruth Shack
Commissioner Saul Gross
Commissioner Katy Sorenson
Mayor Matti Herrera Bower
Commissioner Richard Steinberg
Commissioner Sally A. Heyman
Commissioner Deede Weithorn
David Lawrence
Councilman André Williams
Daniella Levine
Commissioner Randy Wiscombe
Commissioner Jerry Libbin
Commissioner Jonah Wolfson

Host Committee
Steve Adkins & Diego Goncalves
Juan & Ken Ahonen-Jover
Ron Ansin and Jim Stork
Alicia Apfel
Alberto Arias & Wood Kinnard
Chip Arndt
Kirk Arthur
Greg Baldwin & José Castro
Billy Bean
Felix Becerra
Vanessa Brito & Lynn Bove
Cindy Brown
Harvey Burstein
Jerry Chasen & Mark Kirby
Bob Cole
Carol Coombes & Raquel Berman
Xavier Cortada & JC Espinosa
David da Silva
Cornell Julia Dawson
R. Andrew dePass & William J. Jurberg
Edison Farrow & Nestor Paz
Liebe & Seth Gadinsky
Joe Garcia
Larry Harmon
Sharon Kersten
Steven Leidner, DVM
Rebecca Mandelman
John Messer & Stephen Peck
Richard Milstein & Eric Hankin
Yesi & Veronica
Eddie Padilla
John Ratliff
Javier Reynaldos
Elizabeth Schwartz
Robin Schwartz
Mark Scott
Richard Sherman
Mark Steinberg & Dennis Edwards
Annette Taddeo
Mark A. Trowbridge
Ellen Wedner
Rosemary Wilder & Karen Costello
Trae Williamson & Red Carter
David Young


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