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Rev. Al Sharpton: Anderson Cooper is going to Hell

By ROSS VON METZKE, GayWired.com

Rev. Al Sharpton Thinks Anderson Cooper is Going to HellIs Anderson Cooper going to hell?

Rev. Al Sharpton seems to think so, and while appearing on Anderson Cooper 360 to discuss Rev. James Dobson’s recent accusations that Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama is distorting the bible, Sharpton felt compelled to say something.

“I may have some very conservative personal feelings but I feel you have the right to live your life differently,” Sharpton said. “I may think that what you do Anderson is gonna put you in Hell, but I’m gonna defend your right to get there.”

Sharpton appeared on the show with Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins and political journalist Roland Martin.

Perkins immediately countered with an offer that he’s going to try and “keep you from going there,” but after a moment of obvious blushing, Cooper spoke up for himself, telling Sharpton he’s is personally “not that concerned” about his afterlife.

Blogs Wednesday morning have said Sharpton’s comment was a form of outing—sort of. Cooper was the subject of a much discussed Out Magazine cover last year which named the news anchor and Jodie Foster among the 50 most powerful gay men and women in America.


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