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Male, female couples sought for gay-marriage photo shoot Sunday at Miami Beach City Hall

MiamiARTzine.com photo editor Henry Perez and two of his business partners are staging a gay marriage ceremony outside Miami Beach City Hall (across from Macy's) on Sunday afternoon.

From Henry:


My photography partners Ethan Klein and Maya Kusha are working with me on a concept photo shoot in support of and to promote same sex marriage in Florida and elsewhere. Considering the upcoming election in November when the repeal or passing of Amendment 2 may make a big difference in everyone's life, it is time to make everyone understand that a marriage between two people who love each other is just that, a love union between two consenting adults who want to spend their lives together and gender should not be an issue.

The name of this concept photo shoot is “. . . And Now You May Kiss The Groom” and was dreamed up by Ethan Klein a few months ago. On Sunday, August 10th, at 4 PM in front of the 17th Street Miami Beach City Hall (across from Macy’s), we are staging a gay marriage and are asking all the prominent and well known South Beach personalities to be part of this photo. We have already engaged many people who are contributing their time and effort to this worthy cause, including ex-Miami Beach Commissioner Michael Gongora, who will be presiding over the ceremony, Promoters Edison Farrow and Omar Gonzalez, DJ Luis Bodé, drag queens Adora and Victoria Grantty to name a few, Mr. Miami Beach himself Michael Aller, Merle Weiss and many other surprise guests. We will also be shooting a couple of actually committed couples as well during this event.

HALO is hosting an After Party for photo participants, we are having wedding rings designed by jewelry designer Steven Rehage and we are getting a FABULOUS flower arch and runner from The Flower Bazaar. The entire community is backing us up and supporting this endeavor and I'm encouraging the local media to attend.

Our idea is to have this photo appear in local magazines and publications to further enhance our presence as members of a thriving and vital part of the community and to celebrate our right to be married to the person we love.

Our goal is to “try to change the World, one photo at a time” and we encourage all to “Take a Stand and Strike a Pose” for the sake of equal rights to all.

Coincidentally, this same month of August, my cousin in L.A. and his partner for 37 years are actually getting married, now that it is legal in California; and at the same time a great friend of mine has just gotten engaged to the man she loves, since it is legal in the State of Florida for two straight people to get married. What a concept? And wouldn’t it be just FABULOUS if this same concept was equally applied to all human beings?


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And wouldn’t it be just FABULOUS if this same concept was equally applied to all human beings?


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