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Victor Maldonado, Pam's House Blend report on Palin's gay-rights record

From Pam's House Blend blog:


by: Victor Maldonado, Fri Aug 29, 2008 at 10:31:12 AM EDT

(Many thanks for this thumbnail on Gov. Sarah Palin's record on LGBT issues by Victor Maldonado, formerly of SLDN. She's right in line with McCain. Here's her Wikipedia entry. Is this the ticket the LCRs are ready to endorse? - promoted by Pam Spaulding)

In an August 2006 the Anchorage Daily News reported on the social policy positions of the candidates then running for governor, including GOP Vice-Presidential nominee Sarah Palin, Of particular interest are Palin's positions on gay marriage and state benefits for same-sex partners.

Victor Maldonado :: Palin?

According to reporter Kyle Hogkins, Palin has said "she's not out to judge anyone and has good friends who are gay." However Palin supported a 1998 state ballot initiative writing into the Alaskan constitution a ban on same-sex marriage. The ballot initiative passed, making Alaska one of the first states in the Union to limit the access of same-sex couples to legal recognition of their relationships.

In October 2005, the Alaska State Supreme Court ruled as unconstitutional the denial of benefits to the same-sex partners of public employees. While Palin complied with a state Supreme Court order and, as governor signed a bill providing benefits to same-sex partners of public employees into law, she reportedly supported a ballot initiative that would have forced the Alaskan government to deny benefits to same-sex couples.


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