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Gay-oriented Safe Schools South Florida: Don't cut TRUST counselors to save money

Message from Safe Schools South Florida:


Dear Friend of SSSF,

Our students cannot afford to lose their TRUST!

Miami-Dade County School Board is under pressure to make significant budget cuts and have set their sights on our student's first line of defense against bullying and harassment. For years now, TRUST (To Reach Ultimate Success Together) Counselors in Miami-Dade have worked tirelessly to keep all students safe.

At an August 28th budgetary committee meeting, Miami-Dade County School Board members placed the elimination of the TRUST Counselor program on the list of considered abudget cuts. While this item has been taken off the official agenda for next week's School Board meeting, the program is still in jeopardy and needs your support.
Tell the School Board to keep our TRUST counselors! http://ga4.org/campaign/TRUSTcounselors

We know that Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender youth are among those who are most often the targets of bullying and harassment. The TRUST Counselor Program provides award-winning peer counseling programs that that have proven effective in changing the culture of entire schools. Combined with their serving as sponsors of GSAs (Gay Straight Alliances), the TRUST program has become essential in the effort to keep Miami-Dade Public Schools safe for all students.

Write your school board members TODAY http://ga4.org/campaign/TRUSTcounselors and ask them to support our TRUST counselors and keep our schools safe!


Safe Schools South Florida

Safe Schools South Florida (formerly GLSEN South Florida) is a 501c3 non-profit agency committed to making schools safe for all students regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression. We train educators to recognize and address anti-gay bullying. We empower youth by supporting GSAs and holding annual GSA conferences. We educate the public through a speakers bureau and we monitor the success of our efforts through research and surveys. We rely on grants and donations from people who are concerned about children and education. For information about Safe Schools South Florida, our events, or to make a tax-deductible contribution please visit www.SafeSchoolsSouthFlorida.org  or email us at safe@safeschoolssouthflorida.org or call 954-771-4799.


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