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Party producer: Care Resource head 'mistreated and disrespected' me

Last week, Rick Siclari, executive director of Care Resource, Florida's largest AIDS service agency, reported that a dance party produced by two well-known DJs at Mansion on Sunday, Nov. 30, will directly compete with this year's White Party Week Noche Blanca at Cameo.

"This party, titled 'The Main Event,' of all things, benefits no one but themselves,'' Siclari said Wednesday in an open letter to the community.

Now producer Peter Rauhofer responds. From Rauhofer's MySpace blog:

Peter Rauhofer Press Release about White Party Miami!

In response to a recent press release from Miami White Party promoter Hilton Wolman, I would like to take this opportunity to shed some light on several facts which White Party has chosen not to acknowledge. This is a classic case of 'pot and kettle', as it was Hilton Wolman himself, who two years ago (as Twilo's promoter) chose to have two competing events (Saturday and Sunday) against White Party, with shuttle buses going all night from the official location at Nikki Beach to Twilo, where Twilo kept 100 percent net profit. This was after weeks of on-going negotiations for the official White Party event at Twilo had fallen apart.

Over the past 10 years, I've supported my services and donated lots of money to White Party only to continuously get mistreated and disrespected by Ric Siclari, who runs that questionable organization. I've experienced numerous instances of extremely unprofessional treatment in the form of bounced checks, hotels not booked/not paid, flights & ground transportation not provided, and it has even gotten to the point where I've had to have my lawyer chase them (for 8 months!) for non-paid deejay fees.....Still, after all the consistent mistreatment, I've continued to spin for White Party as I wanted to contribute to the good "cause" and not disappoint my fans.

Each year White Party blatantly takes advantage of the power of being a "Charity organization for HIV/AIDS" to make people feel guilty for not participating or contributing. They've burned bridges through their never-ending pattern of ignorance and disrespect towards countless deejays/artists, clubs, promoters, and even volunteers (their revolving-door volunteer staff quits year after year as they are always getting blamed for White Party's mishaps). This consistent mis-treatment sadly reflects in their heavily falling number of attendance throughout the last years.

For the past 10 years, White Party has never officially issued an annual report about income or portion of proceeds donated for their "White Party Events". Even to this day, when logging into their official site I find it strange that an organization of this nature does not disclose the amount donated. Even AFTER having all costs covered by sponsorships, they find every avenue possible to increase their net profit through scams such as ticket price-gouging and short-changing their DJs (I know from first hand experience).

Every charitable organization in the world opens their books and reveals exact numbers in order to inform the public of how much money they made/donated. White Party has left EVERYTHING in the dark for years and continues to do so (while conveniently lining their pockets at everyone's expense). The most you can find on their website or in advertisements is the phrase "Benefiting Care Resource". Benefiting whom? Their CEO?

When making a simple request for information that should be provided by default, people such as Ric Siclari only seem to produce run-around excuses and never disclose the actual facts. Perhaps this is another reason why he changes his staff every year as too much information can be collected by his "volunteers" (who all have horror stories to tell as they face this unprofessional organisation first hand).

When White Party approached me again this year to participate, I decided to do so only if they finally revealed where the profit distribution goes or at least how much of a percentage they actually donate. They again refused to give out ANY information and threatened to "destroy my image" if I did not participate on their terms. It had come to a point for me where this is behavior was no longer acceptable for a "Charity" organization. I decided to refrain from ever working with White Party until they choose to open their books (like any other reputable organization would) and show more respect to the talent that actually makes their tickets sell.

After White Party announced the official deejay line-up for 2008, I received numerous emails from disappointed fans as to WHY I am not participating this year. In addition to the initial frustration I have with the White Party Organization, this is one of the main reasons I decided to have my own event. Plenty of people suggested I do my own "charity" event after they also discovered all of White Party's questionable facts.

With no malicious intent, I've decided to throw my own event in Miami. Without the benefit of sponsorships or charging outlandish entry fees, I'm providing top level DJ's/Live acts and a great venue/party atmosphere. Not only am I donating proceeds but I am also covering all costs out of my own pocket to provide a great event that is backed by honest motives.

This event will be featuring, besides myself, DJ Offer Nissim, DJ Tracy Young and Suzanne Palmer Live. This will be the first WORK Party in Miami @ Mansion with a portion of the proceeds going to the Elton John Aids Foundation. This is a reputable organization that allows everybody to track for themselves what money is being donated (www.EJAF.org). If you compare this charity's website with White Party's website, you will notice the difference between a genuine charity and one that is extremely untrustworthy.

At the end of the day, we are not forcing anybody to attend our event. I find more comfort in the fact that I am STILL contributing to people with HIV/AIDS and at the same time giving everyone a choice to decide for themselves which organization is more reputable and where their money should go.

Peter Rauhofer


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Kudos! I am glad to see that someone is taking on the status-quo of White Party's staff and board. We must know where our money is going and we must demand more respect and better treatment of the artists and volunteers who work out of the goodness of their heart. This event represents this city. Surely, for that reason alone, we must demand more from them.

The fact is these type of party's cause more Hiv cases we all know its all about drugs.... and people on drugs have unsave sex!and just dont know what the hell they are doing drugs music that is design for the drugs if anybody really cares they should stop promoting this type of American way of life acting like the freedom to do so and take peoples money and give / help the people that got Hiv from thier partys WOW WOW WOW

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