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Traveling while lesbian: Q&A with Girlports president Tanya Churchmuch

From Ben Finzel of Out Front Blog:

Girlports_photo_3Our friend Tanya Churchmuch founded girlports.com a year ago this month. As you’ll see in our conversation below, the site is the first lesbian travel Web site of its kind and Tanya has accomplished a great deal in a short amount of time. To help her celebrate her first anniversary, we thought we’d conduct another Q&A with her to learn more about communicating with lesbian travelers and the future of travel from her perspective.

Ben Finzel: Why did you start girlports.com? Weren't there already other resources for lesbian travelers online?

Tanya Churchmuch: Incredibly enough, there weren’t. Girlports is the one and only lesbian travel information website that exists. I’d always been an avid traveler, for both work (as a television journalist for more than a decade) and pleasure, and it had been a real thorn in my side that there were no easily available, up-to-date online travel resources for lesbians. A lot of sites say they’re for gay men and lesbians, but in reality about 90% of that content is aimed at men. Gay men have tons of information available to them online, and I thought it was time that gay women do too. That’s why I decided to create Girlports.

To read the rest of the interview, click here.


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