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Gallery | Anatomically correct dolls now on display at Macys Lincoln Road

Artist Alexander Guerra of plastiquehouse tells us how he came to design the current Macys Lincoln Road windows (scroll below to see the Macys windows):


I'm playing on the idea of "what if Ken dolls/GI Joes were more humanized? What if they had a real human torso? What would they look like nude? What if you stripped these guys/dolls down and you didn't end up disappointed? What if you ended up with an anatomically correct, nipple correct, belly button correct, smooth to hairy figure? That's where "Plastique" comes in. My images answer those questions. Some in more of a Dark manner and some in a very POP style.

The window idea came out of many conversations with my friend Joe DePiro (Creative Director, Macy's Florida). I would see Joe at the gym and show him my latest 4x6 image of my nude dolls (each doll has a real human torso from a model I photographed). After a couple months of this, one image in particular caught his eye and eventually the idea of a collaboration with underwear sold at Macy's. It was obvious to both of us that although, my original idea is to go beyond the idea of just a doll in clothes; a display of nude dolls at Macy's was not in the cards.

The moment Joe offered the potential window, my mind went to work. I had to come up with a way to incorporate my images with a brand at the store. It didn't take long before I remembered that my friend Jim knew the designer of "Papi Underwear". I went to their website and created an image from one of their online images. It worked! A few calls were placed and I met up with Lucio De Carvalho (VP of Design for Isaco "Papi Underwear"). I took Lucio two samples of what I was working on and he walked me over to his sample closet. There with his creative team, they helped me pick out all the underwear I needed for the window. Fast forward two months later, a few friends modeling "Papi Underwear" for me, a house full of half naked dolls, a concept rapped around "White Party" and you end up with seven "Plastique" images for the Macy's window entiled "Papi-Chromatic", a take on the genius ads by Apple for their iPod Nano.

Here are the pictures (click to enlarge)






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