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Jim Stork tells Naked Politics: Voters who fought gay marriage 'can kiss my a--'

Stork_2Jim Stork, the gay former mayor of Wilton Manors, sent an interesting e-mail to Miami Herald reporter Amy Sherman after she wrote about his $30,000 election fine following his ill-fated 2004 Congressional campaign.

From The Herald's Naked Politics blog:

This past year, Stork was involved in the Florida Red and Blue campaign, which failed to defeat Amendment 2 which banned gay marriage in the Constitution. About this issue he says:

"I have no more tolerance for those who voted for Amendment 2 or those who want to take my rights away ... which includes dumb rednecks, bible thumping white folks, bible thumping Hispanics, self-centered educated people who are so self absorbed that they don't bother to look into an issue, lazy gay people who don't get involved or are too weak to come out of the closet, and am now most disappointed in African Americans who should be the least likely group of folks to judge others, but are the ones who judge others the most ... all of these folks can kiss my a--.''


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