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Florida Family Association launches campaign against proposed domestic partnership bill

The Florida Family Association has launched a campaign against a proposed domestic partnership bill in the state Legislature. Here's an e-mail sent today by Florida Family:

Activists push “historic” Domestic Partnership bill to legalize same-sex relationships

Your emails to Florida Governor Charlie Crist and Legislative Leaders may help stop legislation offered for the first time in state history to legalize same-sex relationships through Domestic Partnerships.

Equality Florida, the leading homosexual activist group in Florida, sent out an email on Wednesday, February 18th which proclaimed “Historic Domestic Partnership Legislation Introduced.”  This email is reproduced in its entirety at the end of this email.

Senator Eleanor Sobel, a Democrat from Broward County, filed a statewide Domestic Partnership bill (Senate Bill 1642) with the Florida Legislature on February 17, 2009.  The bill “Requires the Department of Health to create and distribute the Declaration of Domestic Partnership and Certificate of Registered Domestic Partnership forms to each clerk of the circuit court. Describes the required contents of the Declaration. Requires two individuals who wish to become partners in a domestic partnership to complete and file a declaration form with the clerk of the circuit court, etc.” Click here to see Senate Bill 1642
The Equality Florida email states that Representative Richard Steinberg, a Democrat from Miami-Dade, plans to offer a companion bill in the Florida House of Representatives.

Heterosexual couples can marry if they want their relationship legally recognized.  It is unnecessary for the State of Florida to authorize Domestic Partnerships for heterosexuals.  Additionally, there are no heterosexual lobbying groups demanding adoption of this bill. 

The Domestic Partnership bill is being pushed by homosexual activists who demand that the State of Florida legally recognize same-sex relationships. 

Additionally, this bill wrongly bypasses county commissions and city councils by mandating that local authorities accept and administrate Domestic Partnerships.  More than 60 of Florida’s 67 counties have not authorized Domestic Partnerships.

Florida Family Association opposes the Domestic Partnership bill because it seeks to legalize and legitimize same-sex relations in all of Florida’s sixty-seven counties.

We have prepared an email for you to send to encourage Florida Governor Charlie Crist, Senate President Jeff Atwater and House Speaker Larry Cretul to kill this bill.

Please click here to send your email.
If you have not signed up to send Florida Family Association emails, you will need to do so before you can send your email.  It is fast and free. And you will be able to send emails on other important issues in the future without having to sign up again.  Your registration information is confidential and will not be shared with any other organization.

If you would like to forward this email to friends please take action first by sending your emails before forwarding this email. Because of special coding in this email that is specific to you it is important that you send your email first before forwarding.

Thank you.



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Well at least Florida "Family" Association hasn't said the domestic partnership bill violates prop 2 passed last year.......yet.

Wait for it, because after they see the poll numbers (77% in favor of domestic partnerships) they will have to resort to lying about the meaning of their "marriage" amendment.

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