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Ex-TV 'psychic' Miss Cleo has come out as a lesbian, and gotten involved in gay rights

By DIANA MOSKOVITZ, dmoskovitz@MiamiHerald.com


LAKE WORTH -- At a tiny, earth-toned coffeehouse, the fliers advertise mediums and meditations. Wind chimes ring and dream catchers spin.

It's early afternoon. The plush couches sit empty.

And seated at a table, a silver snake earring dangling from one ear, Miss Cleo says she couldn't be happier.

''I'm a proud voodoo woman,'' she says in the thick Caribbean accent that many late-night television viewers can well recall. ``And I make no apologies to anyone.''

Around the turn of the millennium, Miss Cleo was the face and voice of the Psychic Readers Network in TV commercials and infomercials across the country, many of which still live on at websites like YouTube.com.

Draped in colorful robes, she urged nighthawks to call in because ``the cards never lie.''

That lasted until the Psychic Readers Network, run by Access Resource Services of Fort Lauderdale, succumbed to a storm of lawsuits from consumers who said they were grossly overcharged.

Cleo, a spokeswoman but never the boss, was sued, too. But she was not found liable.

Since then, Cleo has found a new life. The woman also known as Youree Dell Cleomili Harris moved from Davie to Lake Worth, came out as a lesbian, released a spoken-word CD, and started a radio show.

She is still recognizably Miss Cleo. It is the name people call out on the street when they see her and the name she uses in public, including on her website, www.the-real-mscleo.com.

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