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Photo gallery & trailer | Shocking, explicit ‘Shank’ honored at Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

Shank, a British film about a gay teen’s coming of age, had its North American debut Saturday night at Florida International University’s North Miami Campus. From the Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival program:

This gritty, cutting-edge drama is a part of a new genre from contemporary queer filmmakers that shows another side of gay life. Shank is no cozy affair; void of the cliché plot devices typical of a coming of age story, this is a film that is refreshingly shocking, very explicit and painful at times.

After the screening, Simon Pearce, Shank’s 21-year-old director, was honored with the first $2,500 Roger Walker-Dack Award for Emerging Artists in Queer Cinema.

Here are pictures from Saturday’s screening. All photos by STEVE ROTHAUS / Miami Herald Staff.

MGLFF - Shank 001

MGLFF - Shank 003

MGLFF - Shank 004

MGLFF - Shank 005

MGLFF - Shank 006

MGLFF - Shank 007

MGLFF - Shank 008

MGLFF - Shank 009

MGLFF - Shank 010

MGLFF - Shank 011

MGLFF - Shank 012

MGLFF - Shank 013

MGLFF - Shank 014

MGLFF - Shank 015

MGLFF - Shank 016

MGLFF - Shank 017

MGLFF - Shank 019

MGLFF - Shank 020

Shank co-writer/producer Christian Martin, and the co-writer/editor Darren Flaxstone.

MGLFF - Shank 021

MGLFF - Shank 022

Roger Walker-Dack introduces the filmmakers after the screening.

MGLFF - Shank 025

Shank co-writer/producer Christian Martin.

MGLFF - Shank 027

Shank co-writer/editor Darren Flaxstone.

MGLFF - Shank 028

MGLFF - Shank 029

MGLFF - Shank 033

Film festival programming director Kareem Tabsch, Shank co-writer/editor Darren Flaxstone and co-writer/producer Christian Martin take questions after the screening.

MGLFF - Shank 034

MGLFF - Shank 035

MGLFF - Shank 037

Roger Walker-Dack announces that Shank’s 21-year-old director, Simon Pearce, has won the first Emerging Artists in Queer Cinema award.

MGLFF - Shank 038

MGLFF - Shank 039

MGLFF - Shank 041

MGLFF - Shank 042

MGLFF - Shank 045

MGLFF - Shank 049

MGLFF - Shank 050

MGLFF - Shank 052

MGLFF - Shank 053

MGLFF - Shank 055


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What an interesting movie. I was enthralled by it. I watched it on my laptop on the way to Florida from New York with LMT booking me at the Miami Hotel. Fascinating.

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