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Video | KISS’ Gene Simmons: Adam Lambert ‘should shut up about his sexual preferences’

KISS co-founder Gene Simmons appeared this week on Fox 29 News in Philadelphia. He spoke about Adam Lambert officially coming out of the closet. From Fox 29’s website:

During the interview, Simmons said "American Idol" runner-up Adam Lambert is "great and has a lot of talent," adding that "he's got a future if he wants sing in Queen or be on Broadway."

But Simmons also had some pointed advice for Lambert, who recently spoke out about his sexual preference, among other things, in Rolling Stone Magazine.

"Mostly he should shut up about his sexual preferences. We, America, the rest of the world, really don't care," Simmons said. "I mean, if the story becomes 'I prefer farm animals to,' you know, who cares?"

Here’s the full interview:


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Yeah, because hair metal guys have always been so discreet.

Gene Simmons should just shut up.

Gene, go swallow your tongue and shut up. The media harrassed, hounded,chased Adam in the streets,the car etc. about THE QUESTION, so he answered, on his own terms. Congrats Simmons, you got a few headlines ala Clay.

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