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Video of the Day | Steve Rothaus with author Deon Davis and her gay teenage son, Rashad

Steve Rothaus sits with Deon Davis, the author of I'll Find a Way: A Mother's Journey of Love and Acceptance for Her Gay Son.



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What makes A man or boy wake up one day and decide he wants to have a penis in his mouth? Why would you want to do this? I am not making a joke here! I am being serious! I've known many lesbians and gay guys, but I just can't comprehend why you would want a penis in ur mouth!

U are a complete moron bama003. Actually, maybe you should try it some time.

Reply to Bama003: Your comment reveals that
you seriously need to consider taking an in-depth
course in human sexuality with a strong emphasis
on the great diversity of human sexuality which
exist. Why don't you ask yourself why do hetero-
sexuals engage (yet not all heterosexuals or
homosexuals enjoy it) with great delight in oral
sex? I applaud this mother's attempt to understand her son's sexual orientation in a
world which still greatly resist educating its
citizens on human sexuality.

Bamma003: YOUR comments here have OUTED yourself! Get therapy, spirituality, WHATEVER YOU NEED....STAT! Fact: REAL HETEROSEXUAL MEN who are secure with their OWN sexuality don't hate gay men. Gay men are NOT a threat to straight men. This is assuming YOU are a REAL MAN. LMFAO!!!!!!!!!

Why the homosexual obsession with "pride?"

Because, they don't have any. Anyone who actually does have some pride doesn't need to shout it from the rooftops.

Ok fine! Perez Hilton must be so proud of all of u! And also a black woman is gonna make money from a book about her queer boy coming out of the closet! You people should'nt have a place in society.You make me sick!!!

Bama--you obviously are some ignorant redneck--I think, as a woman, I would rather sleep with another woman than to be with a sicko like you. Your level of emotional immaturity is astounding and your ignorance makes me think of some hillbilly sitting on a stoop with a beer in one hand, no teeth and a shotgun with a yard full of chickens clucking around in the overgrown grass and the pickup truck, about 40 years too old, rotting in the front yard. I bet you have no teeth which would actually make you ideal for giving someone oral sex but I bet your redneck daddy molested you which is why you have such a disturbing emotional illness?

Now--onto the actual article--just as I never woke up and decided to like men nor do gay men wake up and decide to like men. I think it is 2009 and abundantly obvious that sexuality is something we are born with. It is almost offensive to me to think that a parent "has to come to terms" with anything about their child--it is your child for FUKC sake-you are supposed to love your child unconditionally. There are so many people who wish their children made it to the age yours is at--appreciate every day and do not judge!


This young man is far more emotionally mature than you can ever imagine "Bama003".

This weekend is the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall riots and no longer do people like this intelligent young man have to endure abuse or fear of coming out and have a great relationship with his parent(s)/family/friends and collegues.

I am just in for a moment reading my favourite online newspaper before going out on the streets of downtown Toronto to celebrate with approx. 1 million people for our Pride festival.

"Bama003" you need to get with the times. It's obvious that you lack social skills and grace and I cannot understand what type of people you must consider as your peers.

Now trhat i have read "Bama003" comments I realized that there really are some f*cking illiterate retards in this world who will one day burn in hell.

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