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Christian Family Coalition: ‘An orphaned child, placed in a home with homosexuals, is in a high-risk environment’

From the Christian Family Coalition:


Christian Family Coalition Calls on Miami Appeals Court to Respect the Rule of Law and  Uphold Florida's Law Protecting Orphaned Children!

The Christian Family Coalition had court watchers present as a Miami Appeals Court heard oral arguments over Florida's 32-year-old law protecting orphaned children from homosexual adoption. Last fall, the now-demoted Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Cindy Lederman, struck down the law as "unconstitutional".

In a few months, a three-judge panel of judges -- Gerald B. Cope Jr., Frank A. Shepherd and Vance E. Salter -- will decide whether or not to uphold to their oath of office and the rule of law by allowing the law to stand.   Under questioning by the panel, Timothy D. Osterhaus, deputy solicitor general for Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum, said there was ample evidence presented at trial that homosexual men and women suffer disproportionately from a variety of social ills, such as mental illness and substance abuse.

``There is evidence that homosexuals have higher rates of mental disorders, suicide rates and domestic violence,'' Osterhaus said in response to questioning by Shepherd. ``This is a plausible rational.''

"We applaud the state of Florida today for speaking to the fact that an orphaned child, placed in a home with homosexuals, is in a high-risk environment, furthermore, adoption IS a PRIVILEGE, NOT a right, no one, be they homosexual or heterosexual, has a right to adopt another human being.  Finally, the state of Florida, through its elected officials, have already spoken to this issue, therefore, it should be the people, through the legislature who should make any changes to existing law, not unelected and unaccountable judges", stated Anthony Verdugo, Founder and Executive Director, Christian Family Coalition.

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Mabe in the general homosexual population, but the ones who actually adopt children are statistically better than even straight Christians in the categories you mentioned, and just about every other. It's a long difficultprocess, and gays don't have accidental children.

as usual society is leading the church. however in time the church will come to the agreed upon the FACT that scripture NEVER said that homosexuality was a sin. not from lev where not every prohibition of itself was a sin, to genesis and romans which were given assigned meanings in spite of their words, to itim and icor where a fraudulent transposition of the word "homosexual" was made in man's attempt to add his own stroke to the law, to matthew where man again attempted to add his own stroke to the law by adding the word "only", to trying to resurrect the old covenant relationship to god thru regulation as in deut 28, when our relationship to god in the new covenant is directly to him thru the one who lives in each believer.......christ(torn curtain),to the new covenant itself being without regulation (all things are permissable but not all things are beneficial) to ALL new covenant law being summed up in the 2nd commandment(love you neighbor as yourself) to make us "conscious" of NOT "loving our neighbor as ourself" and homosexuality not coming against the 2nd commandment.

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