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Gay rights group Equality Florida endorses state Sen. Dan Gelber for Florida attorney general

News release from Equality Florida:

GELBER,DAN (MIAMI) Today, Florida’s largest LGBT political group endorsed Senator Dan Gelber for Attorney General.  Equality Florida Action PAC is the state’s largest PAC devoted to electing pro-equality candidates. Our endorsement is the first by any statewide organization in the hotly contested race.

“Our community has two friends in the Democratic Primary race for Attorney General, however Dan Gelber stands apart as someone who has used his political capital to truly lead on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues,” said Stratton Pollitzer, Equality Florida Action PAC Chair.

“Sen. Gelber does not simply sign on to a bill as a co-sponsor, but he strategizes with us on how to win and pushes his colleagues to be courageous on our issues,” said Pollitzer.  “He does not wait to see which way the political winds blow before he takes a stand and he recognizes that issues of equality resonate with voters in every corner of our state.”

Senator Gelber has a long record of co-sponsoring legislation to make it illegal to fire employees or deny someone housing solely because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.  He is an outspoken opponent of Florida’s shameful ban on gay and lesbian adoption.  And for years he fought passionately for anti-bullying laws that specifically included gay and transgender students among the groups protected from harassment and violence.

Equality Florida Action PAC’s core mission is to reward those who champion our issues and to send the message that, if you are a leader for equality, we will stand with you.

“I am proud to receive the endorsement of Equality Florida. Standing up for civil rights and for human rights is the foundation of our country and our democracy. I have worked with Equality Florida and all the human rights organizations throughout Florida, and as Attorney General I will continue to advance the cause of civil rights in our state,” said Senator Dan Gelber.

Equality Florida Action PAC is a trusted resource for more than 100,000 Florida voters. In the 2008 election cycle, 80% of Equality Florida Action PAC’s endorsed candidates were elected.


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Does this mean we will expect more gay baiting by Gelber of Arenberg?

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