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OURsceneTV.com video | Lady Gaga wants to be a ‘representative for gay youth’

From OURsceneTV.com:

'The gay community has been the most loyal and wonderful support of not only my career, but as friends to me my entire life,' Gaga tells OURsceneTV.com.

Lady Gaga has long been an outspoken supporter of the LGBT community, proudly discussing her own bisexuality and accepting her Best New Artist VMA from MTV with the pronouncement, "It's for God and for the gays."  This weekend in Washington, D.C., the pop star spoke exclusively with OURsceneTV.com, Gaga explains her reasons for taking such an active role in the fight for gay rights, stating, "All my friends growing up were gay, and tonight was a very, very special moment for all of us, and I respect and love everyone that works with HRC and wanted to be a representative for the young community of gay men and women, transgendered and bisexual, that will be coming tomorrow to march." When asked if Gaga believed that President Obama would repeal  the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy, Gaga told OURscenetv.com "I know he will."


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uhh Lady Gaga please stop ) number 2 paris hilton

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