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Independent Alligator editorial: FDA should not restrict gay men from donating blood

The Independent Alligator in Gainesville has an interesting story about University of Florida students objecting to the FDA’s longstanding ban on blood donations by sexually active gay men, “Community reacts to ban on blood donations from gay men."

Along with the article, The Alligator also has an editorial, “Bad Blood: FDA should not restrict gay men from donating.” From the editorial:

Ultimately, these regulations represent yet another facet of life that is unequal for gay people. The guidelines may have been enacted with the health of all Americans in mind, but the fact that they were enacted in a time of panic and bigotry is undeniable.

If a ban like this were placed on virtually any other group, there would be widespread anger and protest, but because of the long-standing stigma — perpetuated by the ban itself — it goes largely unchallenged.

We believe that it’s time to stop perpetuating this false stereotype and accept the gracious blood donations of any and all healthy donors.

Lifesaving does not have a sexual preference.”


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I am beginning to really lose all faith and credibility in the FDA. It seems to me that instead of focusing their efforts on protecting the general public they are in-turn being influenced by corporate agenda and special interest. I take everything they say with a grain of salt.

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