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Letter to Clinton: Urge Ugandans to deny death penalty or charges based on sexual orientation

From Fort Lauderdale artist/gay activist Jarrett Terrill:

Subject: An Open Letter To Hillary Clinton

Attn: Hillary Clinton
2201 C Street NW
Washington, DC 20520
(202) 647-4000

Dear Madame Secretary,

My name is Jarrett Terrill and I am a Democrat in Florida who campaigned for you during the primary election in 2008. I registered 500 new voters at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale for your campaign as well as the Campaign for Change.

So far, I have admired your work and the work of President Obama but recently something has come up in the news that is extremely distressing to me. That is the potential genocide that could arise in Uganda due to anti-gay legislation being considered there.

Ordinarily, I follow a libertarian approach to foreign affairs and I believe that sovereign nations should be left to create their own legislation as they see fit. However, the anti-gay movement in Uganda is not by the Ugandans own design but rather stems directly from a clandestine Hate Group operating within our own Government. This organization, which changes its name to avoid scrutiny, is best known as “The Family” and you, Madame Secretary, have attended one of their events – The Inaugural Prayer Breakfast.

My request to you is twofold:

1) Please sever or withdraw any support or connections you may have with the National Fellowship Council (aka “The Family”) and let it be known that our Constitution does not allow for religious theocracies to make legislative decisions in secret and operate without scrutiny from the media.

2) Please withdraw PEPFAR aid from being used toward this kind of legislation. Furthermore, you could urge the people of Uganda to deny any death penalty or criminal charges based on sexual orientation and remind them that HIV is, largely, a heterosexual disease in Africa. There is no reason for anyone in Uganda to fear their gay brothers and sisters because it is impossible for a heterosexual to contract an STD from a homosexual as long as sterile medical supplies are used. With preachers like Rick Warren creating unrealistic fears about gay people, these atrocities can only be expected to continue.

Thank you for considering my requests and taking the time to read my letter. I will be looking forward to your action on this matter and I will keeping an eye on the operations of the National Fellowship Council. As I understand it, Democrats such as my own Senator Bill Nelson are involved with the aforementioned nefarious group and have voted against a true public option in healthcare reform. Their involvement will be at the expense of my trust and future votes.

Thank you,

Jarrett Terrill


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Thank you for putting this out there, Steve. I really hope people send a few letters and make a few phone calls. This is pretty serious stuff.

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