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Photo gallery | Hundreds turn out for GLAAD’s Red Carpet Gala in South Florida

GLAAD Red Carpet 002

Hundreds of Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) supporters gathered Saturday night in the Fort Lauderdale waterfront estate of John Evans and Steve Wozencraft for the Red Carpet Gala in South Florida. GLAAD’s new president, Fort Lauderdale-born Jarrett Tomás Barrios, above right, mingled with guests throughout the evening.


GLAAD Red Carpet 038 Robert Allen • Kirby Anderson & Randy Schull • Elsy Aumann • Jarrett Barrios & Doug Hattaway • David Bernard • Gary Bitner & Jim LaBrie • Josh Bolton • Karen P. Carroll & Julie Slater • Arthur Crispino & Anthony Timiraos • Philip Dearborn • Ted Emery • Teresa Fitzsimmons • Michael Goodman & Paul Dructor • Ross Guedry & Tom Tabor • Dale Hipsh • Paul Huether & JC Reigart • Michael Kahane & James Nolan • Ken Keechl
Robin King • Ellen Krider • Gloria Lemmey • Maria Lescano • Joanne Lewis • Michael Murphy • John M. Novak & Daniel Schultz • Paul Palmer & Tony Sandonato • Bruce Presley & Christopher Hedlund • Ronnie Pryor
Scott Reale • Sally Ringo & Juli Buchannon • Gary Resnick • Paula Revene & Rae Chorowski • Daniel Schultz • Dick Schwarz • Jeff Shaffer
• Antonio Seminario • Carola Seminario • Lisa Totino & Cassandra Matta
Dennis Watson • David L. Webb & W. Lynn McLaughlin • B. Rodney White & Michael P. Williams • Russ Wilson & Scott Lappin • David Young

Here are pictures from the event. All photos by STEVE ROTHAUS / Miami Herald Staff


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What a great event it was! Beautiful home, top notch food and staff and great auction items. It was so windy that the party was tightened up and moved inside but that just made it very cozy and more interactive. Thanks for what you guys do and do so well. Bob

Great pics from the event. Are there more to view?

Tim, those are all the pictures I took.


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