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Keys gay, political activist Henry Woods, 58, dies

woods KeysNet.com reports that Key West gay activist Henry Woods, an adjunct political science professor at Florida Keys Community College, has died after suffering an aneurysm and slipping into a coma on Christmas Eve.

Woods ran for Monroe County elections supervisor in 2008.

“He was a leader in the Florida GLBT Democratic Caucus and the Key West Lambda Democrats. Sudden and sad news,” says Stephen Gaskill, a Washington/South Florida political consultant.

From KeysNet.com:

He slipped into a coma on Christmas Eve. Woods, 58, was a 10-year Key West resident and taken via helicopter to Miami after suffering a severe aneurysm.

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Homosexual men die much earlier than heterosexual men. Proven fact.

Proven fact? Please be more specific.

And only the good die young. Which was certainly the case with Henry Woods. Anyone who ever attended a political event in Key West probably ran into Henry and his welcoming smile. He will be greatly missed.

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