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Care Resource to DJ Peter Rauhofer and The Opium Group: Stop ‘profiteering on the backs of the LGBT community’

A mass e-mail sent today by Care Resource, South Florida’s largest AIDS/HIV service agency:


Every year not-for-profit organizations and city officials throughout the USA come together host LGBT sponsored events to raise monies for other not-for-profit organizations.  Collectively these organizations work together to advance the health and welfare of local businesses and numerous organizations that provide services to LGBT youth, people living with HIV/AIDS, suicide prevention hotlines, and many other essential services to advance the general well being of the local community.

Every year people from all over the world come to these cities to participate in these events hosted and marketed by not-for-profit LGBT organizations and the local community.

Every year organizations, businesses, the media, and entertainers from all over the world come together in "symbiotic partnership" to offer their support and services for free and/or at a deep discount to ensure that these events are fun and help raise essential monies targeted for these aforementioned not-for-profit organizations.

Sadly, Every year....

...there are people who do not to participate in this symbiotic partnership with the community and local organizations...there are people who see these renowned events as opportunities to take money away from the very not-for-profit organizations that give back most of the money raised - often over $100,000 - at these events to local organizations AND who also spend lots of marketing dollars to get people to come to the events in the first place ...there are people who insist on creating "rogue" events that give nothing back the community nor to the not-for-profit organizations that plan these weeklong events that bring people to the local community ...there are people who only see these events as opportunities for their own individual gain in the name of profit...another way to refer to it is the "greed".

These "people" - promoters, producers, DJ's and club owners - ignore the very not-for-profit organizations that help them make profits.  These people bypass the symbiotic relationship so many others participate in and take advantage of the tireless efforts of not-for-profits to help their local communities and make these global events special.

Every year not-for-profits try to engage these profiteers to the benefit of everyone and yet every year "rogue" events still occur with no benefit to a myriad of local not-for-profit organizations that help the local community every day.

Citizens of Miami Beach have had enough!!!

Imagine for a moment if Elton John came to Miami during "Winter Party Week" and produced/hosted a major event without working with or giving anything back to the community. It would never happen because Elton John and his team have the moral compass to participate with the LGBT community and not against it.

So why should we tolerate other people from working against the "Winter Party Week"?  Why should we give our money to those people who are merely profiteers?  And, how can we dance the night away at events held by people who care little about the purpose of the events as "Winter Party Week" and give nothing back?

So, we ask everyone across the nation, whether you are attending "Winter Party Week" or not to:

Together stand to demand that the practice of creating events that do not work with the not-for-profit organizations hosting the week, or weekend long, special events STOPS.  Together stand and ask our sister not-for-profits, businesses, organizations, media, entertainers, producers, club owners, and city officials across the USA to join us in demanding that this practice stops in their cities too.

This problem is not just a Miami or Miami Beach issue, it is a problem that is endemic across the USA and it is time we all come together and demand that this practice of creating rogue events stops.

Together stand to say "Stop Peter Rauhofer" and The Opium Group from profiteering on the backs of the LGBT community and those not-for-profit organizations who are committed to their local community, and together stand and ask that you boycott the March 7th event at Mansion with Peter Rauhofer and instead attend the sanctioned event at the Space roof top terrace, whose owners have graciously agreed to donate a significant percent of the proceeds of the event back to the not-profit-run National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Winter Party which benefits so many Miami citizens.

Please feel free to reference this site on your MySpace, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and other social media applications and SPREAD THE WORD of "Stop Peter Rauhofer" - www.StopPeter.com

Thank you.


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Bravo!!! I'm glad Care Resource has taken a strong stand on this issue as well.

I'm sure someone will now say entrepreneurs and businesses are free to do what they want. Yes, it is a free country. DJs and clubs are free to schedule parties to compete with the fundraisers that raise critical funds for our community. (I would argue, however, that deceptive practices, like calling their party "The Main Event,"--as Rauhofer has done in the past--are pretty sleazy.)

And we are free to choose not to go.

"DJ Peter Rauhofer Steers Funds From AIDS Charities" ???
The people who actually spend money on Rauhofer's event are the ones to blame cuz they are willing to spend their money on Peter's party instead. Every club, restaurant & store who has nothing to do with Winter Party basicially "steers" funds then..!?
Also, Peter's event isn't sponsored or funded...so how much money does he really make that night with all production costs involved..?!
This is about who's having the better party. I furthermore believe Winter Party are the greedy ones here otherwise they would have booked Peter Rauhofer & Offer Nissim for their main Sunday event....instead they go with Tracy Young who's a 5$ DJ? Morons.

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