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Gallery | Miami Beach Gay Pride honors ‘legacy’ long-time, same-sex couples who’ll ride in April parade

Miami Beach Gay Pride on Thursday sponsored a reception for legacy same-sex couples (together at least 20 years) at Bar 21 off Lincoln Road in South Beach. The couples – who’ll ride in the gay pride day parade – are role models to younger gays and lesbians, said Cindy Brown, operations director for the festival to be held April 17 on Ocean Drive.

Among the couples at Thursday’s party:  Bob Truax and Tony Fernandez, who’ve been partnered for 56 years.

Photos by STEVE ROTHAUS / Miami Herald Staff

Gay Pride Legacy Couples 001

Miami Beach Gay Pride operations director Cindy Brown, Ivette Sierra and Frank Fiorentino.

Gay Pride Legacy Couples 002

Frank Fiorentino, 64, and partner Bill Pease, 72. They’ve been together 41 years.

Gay Pride Legacy Couples 003

Bob Truax, 82, and Tony Fernandez, 84, who’ve been partners for 56 years.

Gay Pride Legacy Couples 004

Maurice Colton and Norman King and Robert Collier and Charles Hunziker.

Gay Pride Legacy Couples 005

Partners Maurice Colton, 69, and Norman King, 72, together for 39 years.

Gay Pride Legacy Couples 006

Robert Collier, 75, and Charles Hunziker, 78 --  partners for 47 years.

Gay Pride Legacy Couples 007

Gay Pride Legacy Couples 008

Gay Pride Legacy Couples 009

Gay Pride Legacy Couples 010

Gay Pride Legacy Couples 012

Jon Cameron, 64, and Scott Cameron, 63, together for 40 years.

Scott describes how they met: “I bought him a beer on Castro Street in San Francisco. I was trying to pick him up and he would have nothing to do with me. He was waiting for a date and he got stood up. I was No. 2. “

Gay Pride Legacy Couples 013

Gay Pride Legacy Couples 014

Joe-Tom Easley and Peter Freiberg, both 69, have been partners for 27 years.

Peter: “We were fixed up by a straight woman.”

Joe-Tom: “We were mutual friends.”

Peter: “She gave each of us the other’s phone number.” 


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We've known Tony and Bob for 25 years. We met them in East Hampton, Long Island. They have remained good friends ever since.
Love you guys,
Clint, Bob and Robb
Ontario, Canada

I've know Bob & Tony for over 15 years. Always a super happy couple.
CONGRATULATIONS! A beautiful expample of commitment.

Abrazos, Manuel & Rob
Miami Beach, Fl

To Maurice and Norman
Have seen your photos on the Mimi gay web site,
congratulations, you both look great.
Happy New Year.

Love Marion and John.
My Email. grantmarion2@gmail.com

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