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Right Wing News: Gays and lesbians finding their place in the GOP

ben An e-mail I received from Dr. Benjamin Lewis, pictured, president of Sunshine Republicans in Fort Lauderdale:

By JOHN HAWKINS for Right Wing News:

GOProud's  co-sponsorship of CPAC was controversial in some quarters right from the beginning. Liberty University  pulled out because GOProud was also allowed to be a co-sponor of CPAC. At the actual event, some guy named Ryan Sorba trashed GOProud and got boo'd off the stage as a result:

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I'm a bit confused here. Benjamin Lewis is president of the Sunshine Republicans which calls itself a "GOProud group."

I looked at this group's website. It says they favor repeal of DADT and oppose and anti-Gay marriage amendment.

Yet Mr. Lewis says he is opposed to Gays in the military, marriage equality for Gay couples, and he thinks Gay sex is a sin.

What am I missing here? Is Benjamin Lewis Gay? Why isn't he joining one of those weird "Ex-Gay" ministries and becoming the latest poster-boy for Exodus?

The man sounds tragically conflicted.

This was not written by Ben Lewis. He was sending out this post on Right Wing News http://rightwingnews.com/2010/02/gay-conservative-groups-like-goproud-should-be-welcomed-in-the-republican-party/ written by John Hawkins.

Jimmy, thanks for clarifying. I've updated the post to attribute to John Hawkins and also redirect readers to Right Wing News.


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