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City of Miami Beach apologizes for Queen of the Night e-mail misfire

BY LAURA ISENSEE, lisensee@MiamiHerald.com

For years Tara Solomon reigned as Queen of the Night at clubs across South Beach. Now that the publicity maven is getting hitched, an old friend wanted to give the bride an early wedding present.

Michael Aller low resSo Michael Aller, the tourism and convention director for Miami Beach, sent an e-mail Monday to the city's massive list of e-mail contacts, urging them to vote online for Solomon and her fiancé and help them win a wedding worth $100,000.

The city soon retracted the e-mail, and sent out an apology to the 6,000 subscribers on the list.

Aller -- who is also known by the nickname ``Mr. Miami Beach'' -- said the e-mail was sent by accident.

``It was just a kindness,'' he said. ``This is an old friend that I did a favor for.''

The e-mail shared the tale of how Solomon, 51, and fiancé Nick D'Annunzio, 36, met by chance at a club on South Beach.

``He liked my legs, but complimented my Gucci stilettos. He knew the instant we met that we were destined to be together. Worried that he was too young, too smooth and perhaps too into my shoes, I took a bit longer,'' it read.

Solomon said she asked Aller to pass the word along to friends to help her campaign.

``It was really done innocently,'' Solomon said in a phone interview.

``It very well could have been intended for his personal friends and something happened and it went to a larger list,'' she added.

The misfired e-mail marks the first time such an incident occurred with the city's list of e-mail contacts, which alerts subscribers about weekly happenings in Miami Beach, said city spokeswoman Nannette Rodriguez.

``It was not intentional and we agree that it should not have happened,'' Rodriguez said in an e-mail.

In addition to the apology to subscribers, the city has reminded staff of its e-mail policy.

tara Solomon, whose Queen of the Night column about the South Beach club scene ran in The Herald during the 1990s, said that high profile friends and business associates have campaigned for her via e-mail and Twitter.

Solomon and her sweetheart will find out Wednesday if their campaign, dubbed ``Nick & Tara's Moon over Miami,'' makes the final round of the contest, which is sponsored by retailer Crate & Barrel and e-mail newsletter DailyCandy.com.

Up for grabs is a wedding worth $100,000 and organized by Hollywood planner Jo Gartin.

Some famous tweeters: former professional basketball player and bad boy Dennis Rodman and model Kelly Bensimon, who appears on the reality television show ``The Real Housewives of New York City.''

``We're trying to get the votes up without being too obnoxious about it,'' said Solomon.


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why is this non-story relevant to "Gay South Florida"? Because it's about two gay men and their hag?

How many areas of the herald is this being featured in???

Shame on you Steve!


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