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Gallery | Protesters work the crowd outside Peter Rauhofer’s Winter Party weekend show at Mansion

Protest outside Mansion 002

BY STEVE ROTHAUS, srothaus@MiamiHerald.com

About a dozen men  – far fewer than the 70 hoped for – stood outside Opium Group’s Mansion nightclub on Washington Avenue Sunday night to protest DJ Peter Rauhofer’s performance during Winter Party Festival.

The protesters, led by Care Resource Executive Director Rick Siclari, told Mansion patrons that for a second consecutive year Rauhofer competed for gay tourist dollars by counterprogramming against a Winter Party event that raises money for the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and gay nonprofits throughout South Florida.

shirtFor the past two Novembers, Rauhofer has also programmed parties that competed with events run by Siclari’s HIV/AIDS service agency during its annual fundraising White Party Week.

In January, 24 gay civic leaders and activists led by Task Force Executive Director Rea Carey sent an open letter to Rauhofer and Opium Group asking them to stop programming for-profit parties with fundraisers for gay charities.

Rauhofer and Mansion workers at the club door declined to comment about the picketers wearing “StopPeter.com”  T-shirts.

Siclari said despite the light turnout of protesters he was confident his group got its message out.

“The word was spread enough so everyone heard it,” Siclari said.

Still, most patrons on line couldn’t be swayed from attending the Rauhofer show.

“You’re dealing with the resilient ones, the ones who don’t get it,” Siclari said. “I had two [partygoers] say, ‘I don’t care, I don’t live here.’’’

Among the protesters who stayed from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m.: Robert Loupo, executive director of Safe Schools South Florida, a nonprofit that received $15,000 last year in funds raised by the Task Force at Winter Party Festival and Miami’s annual awards Recognition Dinner.

“So many people work hard to raise funds for so many worthwhile organizations,” Loupo said. “It’s not right for someone to tap into those funds without giving back to the community.”



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hahaha they gave me a pink piece of paper that looked like it was typed up by somebody who very easily could have been 12 yrs old.

they need to work on their EXECUTION somebody needs to supervise these guys cos they dont know how to do anything right they just embarrassed themselves last night

Now that I finally witnessed all this in person I realized HOW manipulative and misleading Miami Herald, Task Force and their crew really is. This wasn't a protest. It was 8 senior citizens standing lost in front of Mansion trying to get anyones attention and they got simply ignored. A pure embarrassment. This whole smear campaign was done basically done by 5 people who wanted the whole world to believe how the whole gay community is so upset about Peter Rauhofer.
Well, last night the community indeed acted: Mansion was packed with 2500 people. The successful party was a protest in itself telling these charity organizations a big F*** You.

Haha...that was kinda hideous. 2500 people were laughing @ these clowns.
Mansion was packed to capacity with our community who showed full support for Peter Rauhofer!

I like to set the record straight...This was ALL CARE RESOURCE and Laurence Moser doing. The TASK FORCE has sent emails out to people to chill....It's ashame that they went ahead with it and despected the TaskForce's wishes. They did not take part in this silly protest...Unfortunately this site StoPPeter.com has lots of false reports. They don't explain why peter left this corrupted organization and that is ashame. Good thing is that, this protest made people aware of how this organization is corrupted and did nothing to harm the event. It was insane in there. There were way too many people in town to attend one party, so if Peter was not there, there would have been a lot of disappointed and angry people bc they would have not gotten into the official party at Space. Care Resource lost respect and hurt Winter party and TF bc people were not aware that they were not involved

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