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Gay Christian blog: 'Gay people are not queer'

An interesting discussion from Rev. Dr. Jerry S. Maneker, pictured, who blogs ‘A Christian Voice for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Rights.’ From a recent posting, LGBT people are not ‘queer,’ and I doubt that Lt. Dan Choi sees himself as a ‘fag!’:

DSCN0049 A major tragedy of the LGBT Civil Rights movement is that so many Gay people refer to themselves by use of hateful terms that there is now going to be a division within the ranks: those who see themselves as "queer" and those who see themselves as "Gay Americans."

And it is this latter group that will provide the dignity and meaningful and coordinated individual and organizational activism necessary to continue this struggle to finally get full and equal civil rights in the U.S. and elsewhere!

In this connection, my good friend, Don Charles, has, as have most Gay people, been exposed to virtually all sorts of rhetorical (and often physical) assaults, all the while being called the very same homophobic epithets that many Gay people continue to use to identify themselves.

Don Charles wrote a letter briefly letting Steven Petrow, who authored an article entitled, Queeries: Beware of Sexting, how insulting that epithet is to a Gay person who has dignity and self-respect.

Click here to read the complete posting, including the exchange between Charles and Petrow.


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