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SAVE Dade updates mailing -- ‘Clarification: Peter Rauhofer is NOT personally stealing your money’

SAVE Dade just updated its earlier mailing:

SAVE Dade is not maintaining that Peter Rauhofer is stealing your money, however what is happening is that he is hosting an unsanctioned event which is not providing money to Winter Party grant recipients, such as Care Resource, YES Institute, and Pridelines.

There are scheduled Winter Party events which provide funds for the organizations in our community dedicated to improving the lives of our LGBT community members.


CJ Ortuño
Executive Director

Here’s the original e-mail sent today by SAVE Dade:

Subject: ‘Peter Rauhofer is stealing your money’

Please do not attend the NON-SANCTIONED Peter Rauhofer event on Sunday March 7th at Mansion.


The Winter Party Festival and its sister event the Miami Recognition Dinner is a major annual fundraiser having raised over $2 million.  Two-thirds of the profits go to South Florida LGBT nonprofits such as SAVE Dade, and the remainder to support the work of The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. Every year there are people who create non-sanctioned "rogue" events that do not support or contribute to the community and compete with the legitimate ones. This year a private party promoter, Peter Rauhofer conspired with The Opium Group, a Conglomerate that manages many of South Beach's clubs including Cameo and Mansion, to shut Winter Party Festival out of its South Beach clubs, thus forcing the Sunday night party off the beach.  Then they followed up with a NON-sanctioned event of their own that siphons off revenue from Winter Party Festival and other events like it.

You can help us stop Peter Rauhofer and the Opium Group from stealing essential non-profit funds from South Florida. Only attend the officially sanctioned events and tell your friends to do the same.

More information is available at www.StopPeter.com and a list of the organizations that will be hurt by this "Rogue" event is available at http://winterparty.com/beneficiaries.php


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Asides the list of hurt organizations (or "past beneficiaries" as it appears in the site); is there any other URL where a list of "current" beneficiaries can be seen?
Also, I'd like to see information posted on how the past beneficiaries were benefited in the past, specifically years 2007 to 2009, detailing amounts distributed to each one.
Is that information publicly available anywhere?
Please advise.

Concerned resident

Dade Community Foundation lists organizations that received grants for 2008:


Also, you can download a .pdf file with more information about the foundation's GLBT Community Projects Fund:


GOOD MORNING! You guys missed the train. Peter's party is sold out. lol

I think this is THE most ridiculous smear campaign! We are talking about the music industry, the fans that care about the music, and THE hottest club in Miami. Mansion and the Opium Group obviously want Peter and his crew performing at their venue; in fact, the Opium Group are paying Peter and his crew to provide a talented display of DJs for the public. Both Peter Rauhofer and the Opium Group are doing what they are supposed to: THEIR JOBS!
Furthermore, to the marketing team responsible for tonight's event hosted by the "officially sanctioned Winter Party Festival" at Space: This is a desperate attempt to "sell your product." You disguise your strategy as "cause marketing," linking it to a social cause (I'm not denying that funds are distributed for a worthy cause), but when you begin a smear campaign because your strategies have failed, it's not about supporting a worthy cause anymore! Your whole campaign against Peter Rauhofer is a pathetic and deceptive undercover marketing strategy aimed at manipulating the consumers into spending their money YOUR way.
As far as I, and many many others, are concerned, your smear campaign against Peter Rauhofer IS JUST THAT! WHEN YOU GO TO THESE ENDS TO CONTROL AN OUTCOME THAT SHOULD BE LEFT TO THE PUBLIC, YOUR ACTIONS BECOME HOSTILE AND MANIPULATIVE! I know of NO group that supports a worthy cause and would EVER go to these ends to ensure their preferred outcome!
PETER, you deserve an apology from these pouty and manipulative deceivers!

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