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Safe Schools South Florida: Join the protest against Peter Rauhofer’s nonsanctioned party at Mansion

An e-mail today from Safe Schools South Florida:

Safe Schools South Florida

Dear SSSF Supporters and Friends,

Safe Schools South Florida, along with other fine South Florida LGBT organizations, receives a grant from the Dade Community Foundation LGBT Fund, funded in part from Winter Party events.

This grant helps SSSF bring together hundreds of LGBTQ students and their Gay/Straight Alliance allies each year for youth empowerment/leadership conferences; trains dozens of students to powerfully speak out about their lives; and helps train hundreds of teachers, counselors and administrators on issues facing LGBTQ students in schools.

A competing non-sanctioned event has been strategically scheduled for tonight to compete with tonight's Winter Party sanctioned festivities.

This non-sanctioned event will siphon away participants and proceeds for the Dade Community Foundation's LGBT Fund and the LGBT organizations it supports

A protest has been planned for tonight on South Beach beginning at 10 pm.

Please read the information below and please try to attend this protest if at all possible.

Thank you for all your work and support for our LGBT community.

Robert Loupo, Executive Director

Safe Schools South Florida

We are meeting at 10pm inside/outside the Starbucks on the corner of Washington and 12th street TONIGHT - Sunday, March 7th.

Please come and bring your friends.  We have posters and T-shirts for participants.  Please feel free to make your own signs too.

Please respond to let us know if you will be attending and how many people you are coming with. We NEED the participation. Please respond to Equality Florida at: stratton@eqfl.org.

If we do not have a good turnout at the protest, it will send a signal that our community does not care enough to take action against greedy and unethical people who siphon money away from OUR COMMUNITY NON-PROFIT organizations.

Please respond to this email if you want to help us get people to join the protest.

We have a City permit, are requesting police presence and we need to show that our community cares.

Help us stop Peter Rauhofer and his associates from stealing necessary non-profit funds from South Florida.

If we continue to let him get away with this, others will do the same.

Please go to www.StopPeter.com for the facts!

Thank you for your consideration and support!!!

Please forward this on to your lists so it gets out to as many people as possible in our community!!


Safe Schools South Florida (formerly GLSEN South Florida) is a 501c3 non-profit agency committed to making schools safe for all students regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression. We train educators to recognize and address anti-gay bullying. We empower youth by supporting GSAs and holding annual GSA conferences. We educate the public through a speakers bureau and we monitor the success of our efforts through research and surveys. We rely on grants and donations from people who are concerned about children and education. For information about Safe Schools South Florida, our events, or to make a tax-deductible contribution please visit www.SafeSchoolsSouthFlorida.org or email us at safe@safeschoolssouthflorida.org or call 305-576-2126 or 954-771-4799.


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