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Blogger: 'I am the original Rekers Rent Boy!!!!'


From blogger Chazonator, a former porn star and self-described “Singer-Songwriter-Video producer-Equality activist-parent-friend-lover-real person.”

One of my clients was none other than Professor George Rekers. I had no idea, until this story broke, that this man was the anti gay activist that he is. Now that I am aware of the damage he has caused the LGBT community, I realize that it is my responsibility to set the record straight. George Rekers is neither gay, nor straight. He is bisexual, like myself. Unfortunately, Rekers is also at odds with his faith, and therefore cannot come to terms with his sexuality, privately or publicly. You don’t have to take my word for it, and I openly admit that my word is all that I have.

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As a Christian gay man who loves the Lord, I rebuke radical anti-gay activist Rekers in the name of Jesus. It is because of "Christians" such as him that so many gay people reject Christianity and God. What will he tell Jesus on Judgement Day when he stands before Him and Christ asks, "Why did you do so much harm in my name to God's gay children?"

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